Coin / Card Laundry Accessories

Not only is the right mix of washers and dryers critical for a successful coin laundry, but so are the right accessories. For example:

  • a correctly sized and installed hot water heater
  • the right bill changers and bill breakers
  • an appropriate smart card system
  • enough folding tables and seating
  • the right kind, mix and quantity of carts
  • soap vending equipment.

OPL Laundry Accessories

Every on-premise laundry situation is different and requires planning, options and implementation based on your specific needs. Metropolitan Laundry Machinery is your knowledge resource and can provide the accessories and ancillary items based on your individual requirements.

  • hot water systems in all sizes for hair salons to restaurants, small motels to large luxury hotels
  • Ozone Laundry Systems
  • all types of carts, shelving and storage

Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Company, Inc. are experts in the commercial laundry industry. When you buy from us, you get a track record that is second to none.