Card Systems

Magnetic Stripe and Smart Card Systems for Laundromats

Metropolitan has been installing card systems in Laundromats since 1999. We offer Magnetic Stripe and Smart Card Systems from the leading manufacturers. Both of these technologies eliminate the need to use coins and give you the ability to offer lots of exciting promotions. These reloadable cards can only be used in your Laundromat or Laundromats. In addition to new installations, we retrofit existing coin operated Laundromats with Smart Card and Magnetic Stripe Card Systems.

Card Systems have many advantages for you and your customers:

  • Card SystemsCard Systems give your customers more payment options. In addition to accepting cash, you have the ability to accept credit and debit cards.
  • A Card System gives you the ability to simplify the operation of your business- no coins to collect, count, sleeve, or deposit.
  • Incremental pricing- you can raise vend prices by a penny, nickel, or dime instead of a quarter.
  • This technology turns your Laundromat or Laundromats into a prepaid debit card system because customers put money on the card before it is used.
  • Card Systems build customer loyalty since they can only be used in your store and improve cash flow since balances remain onthe card until the customers next visit.
  • Card SystemsCustomers enjoy the ease and convenience of using laundry cards because it eliminates the need to insert quarter after quarter into the machines.
  • Card Systems give store owners the ability to market and promote their stores - you can offer time of day specials, free dry promotions, multi-level pricing, and more... You can even offer your customers "bonus dollars" when they add money to their laundry card, for example when they add $20 to their laundry card they get $22.
  • With remote access, you can manage the Laundromat from anywhere you can get an internet connection.

Card Systems enable customers to purchase a card,revalue an existing card, and pay for transactions through a computer-based card dispenser/reader. The reader verifies the value on the card, deducts the price from the balance and automatically completes the transaction.

It's that simple. Customers pay for their washers, dryers, soap, and any other services or products you offer with their laundry card, without the need to find, carry, and feed quarters into the machines.

Click here for more detailed information on the two leading manufacturers of Card Systems Metropolitan recommends.

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