Coin Card Laundries Photo Gallery

Whether you're building your first Laundromat, remodeling or expanding, Metropolitan can help you through the entire process.

Proper planning, including location, equipment selection, store layout and design, decor and customer accommodations will increase your odds of succeeding at this potentially lucrative and profitable business.

As the largest Huebsch Coin Laundromat distributor in the Country and winner of numerous industry awards, you can be assured that Metropolitan is your best choice for knowledgeable and friendly customer service.

Please browse through some of the many stores Metropolitan has designed and built over the last few years alone. We have a long history of happy and successful single and multi-store owner clients. References are available. Call Metropolitan Coin/Card Laundromat experts today: in NY (718) 441-4000 - in NJ (908) 687-9400.?