Laundry Card Systems

Smart Card Systems are designed with you and the end user in mind. They are very customer friendly and easy to use. Smart Cards are reloadable cards that can only be used in your laundry room or rooms. The end user simply adds money to their existing Laundry Card via an Add Value Machine.

A Smart Card System eliminates quarters and all of the hassles that are associated with them. Residents no longer need to be inconvenienced having to get quarters to wash and dry their clothes and you will not have to empty the washer and dryer coin boxes and transport the quarters to the bank.

A Smart Card System allows you to raise washer and dryer vend prices in penny increments rather than quarter increments. A 5 cent increase adds substantial profit to your laundry room over the course of a month while having little or no impact on your residents.

Why be inconvenienced having to empty coin boxes in your washers and dryers every week or even more frequently. Plus washer and dryer coin boxes can fill up to the point where the washers and dryers will not accept any more quarters and fail to operate. If the machines can't operate you can't make any money and the residents are unhappy and inconvenienced.