Speed Queen Washers

Speed Queen Multi-Housing Commercial Quality Quantum™ System Washers, Dryers & Stack Washer/Dryer Models

Speed Queen's cutting edge Quantum™ System gives building owners and property managers the ability to reduce water and energy costs through advanced programmability. It also offers and residents a variety of features and settings that enable them to tailor cycles to their specific needs. And there's more:

Speed Queen Quantum PDAQuantum™ software and mobile PDA for auditing and programming. PDA functions include:

  • Collection data
  • Machine activity reports
  • Maintenance; service and diagnostics
  • Programming; machines cycles

Speed Queen Horizon® Quality Features Add Value for Owners and Residents Alike

  • Premium wash cycles for bonus vending.
  • Easy-access, automatic frontmount supply dispenser.
  • "Big Load Door" with extra wide opening is rugged, safe and reliable.
  • Freestanding design incorporate four automotive shocks so the washer can be installed on any floor type or level.

Stack Washer / Dryer Models have a Small Footprint and Generate Big Revenues for Small Spaces.