Huebsch Light Commercial Washers & Dryers

Huebsch WashersThe loads may be smaller for beauty salons, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and similar businesses, but their on-premise laundries have just as high of demands as their larger capacity counterparts. Commercial laundry equipment must be durable, efficient and up to the task of providing high quality results with every cycle.

For these smaller applications, Huebsch produces a variety of commercial quality washers, dryers, stack washer/dryer and stack dryer to meet the demands and space limitations of lower volume on-premise laundries.

Huebsch Top Load Washers

Huebsch LWZ02 WasherHuebsch commercial top load washers combine the commercial qualities of larger capacity, front serviceability and durability with the attractive styling, cycle selections and ease of use of commercial / manual control washers.

Key Product Features:

  • Large Capacity Basket
  • Extra Large Lid Opening
  • Heavy-Duty Transmission
  • Automatic Balancing System
  • High Extract Speed 710 RPM
  • Front Serviceability

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Huebsch Front Load Washers

Huebsch FTZA1 WasherHuebsch front load high efficiency commercial washers combine quality and durability with attractive styling. Energy savings are built into Huebsch commercial front load washers with a low 13.9 gallons per cycle water consumption and energy saving cold water rinse.

Key Product Features:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Superior Wash System
  • Extra-Large Capacity
  • Easy-to-Use Controls
  • Easy Loading

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Huebsch Stack Washer / Dryers

Huebsch LTZA9aHuebsch front load high efficiency commercial stacked washers and standard dryers give you the features and extra large capacity of standard washers and dryers in half the floor space.

Key Product Features:

  • Saves Floor Space - Measuring 26 7/8" in Width
  • Energy Efficient
  • Superior Wash System
  • Extra Large Capacity - 2.84 cu. ft. washer, 7.0 cu. ft. dryer
  • Fast Drying Times
  • 1.000 RPM Spin Speed
  • Easy-to-Use Controls
  • Easy Loading

Huebsch Dryers

Huebsch HDE807 DryerHuebsch has designed commercial dryers that offer the benefits of heavy-duty commercial quality with the attractive styling of home-style dryers.

Key Product Features:

  • Extra-Large Drying Capacity
  • Easy Access
  • Reversible Door
  • No Hassle Lint Filter

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