Speed Queen Washers

Speed Queen Commercial Washer Extractors

As an industry leader, Speed Queen is dedicated to providing On-Premise Laundries the laundry equipment to meet their ever-growing volume demands. Speed Queen Washer Extractors are designed with time and labor-saving qualities to help maximize throughput, while keeping utility costs low. And because On-Premise Laundries often require a sizable investment in equipment, Speed Queen ensures long-lasting reliability of that investment through heavy-duty components and construction.

Speedqueen SCN060KN WasherSpeed Queen SC Series Commercial Rigid Mount Washer Extractors

  • Heavy duty construction, durable for years to come
  • Low water usage, designed to save water and energy
  • Durable stainless steel cabinet front, sides and top
  • Large door opening makes loading and unloading easy
  • Self-cleaning, multi-compartment dispenser automatically dispenses detergent for pre-wash and main wash and fabric softener for final rinse

Speed Queen SC Series Washer Extractors are available
with 2 different control options.

Quantum Gold

Quantum Gold offers a total of 30 programmable cycles as well as 30 programmable water levels that enable you to adjust water use in every cycle step. PC/PDA programming and audit data retrieval save time, as do advanced diagnostics. Available with a maximum extraction speed of 140 G-force, depending on configuration helps the laundry operation reduce drying time and utility consumption.

Quantum Standard

For laundry managers requiring basic management options, Quantum Standard comes with four cycle selections, two water levels and manual programming. It also offers a maximum extraction speed of 100 G-force.

Available in 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, and 100 lb Capacities.

  • Up to 200 G-Force Extraction
  • Available with Quantum Standard or Gold Controls
  • Quantum Gold Controls are IrDA PC and PDA Communication Capable
  • Quantum Standard Control has 2 Water Levels, and Quantum Gold Control has 30 Water Levels
  • Heavy-Duty Bearings
  • Extra Strong Gamma A-Frame Design
  • 5 Year Limited Parts Warranty

Click here for Speed Queen SC Washer Extractor product literature.

Speedqueen SX135 WasherSpeed Queen SY Series Commercial Soft Mount Washer Extractors

  • Variable speed drive handles a wide variety of fabric types
  • Heavy duty suspension absorbs vibrations without the need for special foundations
  • Automatic supply injection reduces detergent waste and provides more consistent laundry results
  • Stainless steel construction means the washer finish won't corrode with normal use
  • High G-Force extraction reduces drying time

Available in 20, 25, 30, 40, 55, 70, 90, and 125 lb Capacities.

  • Softmount Design with Heavy Duty Coil Springs and Shock Absorbers
  • Ultra High 350 to 400 G-Force Extraction
  • Ultrasoft Wash
  • Progress Display
  • Intellidrive System
  • Space Saving Design
  • Heavy Duty Bearings and Seals
  • 5 Year Limited Parts Warranty

Click here for Speed Queen SY Soft Mount Washer Extractor product literature.